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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Well, it looks like we'll be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future because of the Covid19 pandemic. Might as well have some fun, use colours you like while being comfortable and safe.  

The pattern I used can be found here:

It's a great pattern especially for people who wear glasses. It gives step by step instructions and pictures, with sizes from kids to teens and women and mens. Easy peasy for someone like me who has little experience with sewing. I just wanted to show a couple of things that I did on the masks I made. 

I made this denim one with a channel for the nose wire made of the same material as the liner. And the denim is thick enough that no extra filter is required while still being breathable.

With the cotton mask I used extra wide double fold bias for the channel and I left an opening on the side where a coffee filter or paper towel can be slipped in for added protection.
And here's what I used for the nose wire...the wire band from the top of a  cookie bag. 

That's right! It works great, it's long enough to go across the nose and under the eyes and is easy to slip out when you wash the mask. You could also use pipe cleaner but I didn't have any  (I did however have plenty of cookie bags 😉)

So check out the original pattern, this is just my added two cents 🙂😷

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