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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Christmas Table Centerpiece

My first attempt at a fresh bough centerpiece. I think it turned out pretty nice!

(This was last year's project that I finally got around to posting)

It can be made about 5-7 days ahead of time just drop an ice cube or two in on the foam block every other day to make sure it stays moist.

I picked up a wooden crate on sale when Sears was liquidating before closing up. I draped some cotton inside because of the open slats. Then sat two plastic containers from the dollar store inside (because I couldn't find just one the right size)

Got some floral foam blocks also from the dollar store and cut them to fit inside the plastic squares. Following the instructions on the foam package I soaked the foam with water for about 15 minutes.

Picked up these fresh boughs for just $2.99! Plenty to work with here!

I stood 2 candles in glass pillars (you don't want flame to get in contact with the boughs) and tied a strip of material around secured with a piece of twine. I had this one fake bough with red berries that I stuck in the foam between the candles.

Now for the fresh boughs...give them a fresh cut and a good rinse before sticking them in the foam. I laid them in the bathtub and added water enough to submerge them. Gave them a swish around then removed them to a large towel to dry.

I don't know if there is a right way to do it (there must be) but I started filling in from the middle out until the centerpiece was filled with boughs to my liking. After having done it I think it might have been better to start working on the outside of the foam block with longer boughs, working in to the center.
I went outside and snipped some holly and boxwood sprigs out of my garden for added texture. Just had to shake a little snow off them.

I tucked some pinecones in here and there along with a few brass bells I had around.  One glittering reindeer got to sit in the front and I added some extra colour and scent with these traditional spiced orange pomanders. See how to make them here:

My plan was to use this centerpiece for the dining room table but once I finished it I realized it would take up to much space. So I sat it on the coffee table then proceeded to make this small display for the dinner table.

I used an empty jar from a 3 wick candle then used the same idea as the first piece for decorating. Sat it on a small tray with tall candlesticks on each side.

Pretty and economical. The most expense components were the 2 pillar candles in the large piece at $10.00 each. And I had boughs to spare once these were both finished.

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