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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wine Cork Wreath

We've all been in Covid lockdown or something like that for months now, so I know you've  had a few bottles of wine. And if you haven't there's still time to start... I mean strictly so you can collect corks for this craft 😉🍷

To make this wreath you'll need:

A straw wreath for the base

A bunch of corks (you can always buy a bag at the local winemaking store)

Glue gun and glue


Berries from a dollar store garland

Some bells and a bow

It's pretty simple, just start gluing corks on and around the wreath base. Once you have them all on the front, place pinecones here and there. Then start filling in spaces with berries and bells. And finally add a bow.

I didn't take any in progress pics but here is what the back of the wreath looks like. You can see how the corks are not lined up evenly but are staggered (LOL funny choice of word for winecorks!) around the wreath.

Feed a string through the back of the straw wreath using a darning needle and make a loop for hanging and you're done!

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