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Monday, April 13, 2020

Repurposed Sleep Mask to Face Mask

If you have a sleep mask it can be repurposed to use as a face mask. I'd first off like to say I don't usually sew and am not good at it. So if you do I'm sure you can do a better job than me.
But here's the gist of what I did and sorry I didn't take any in progress pics but you'll get the idea.
I used a piece of cotton 8 X 16" folded in half or you could use 2 - 8 X 8" squares. The thickness of the material really doesn't matter as you have the thickness of the sleep mask as protection.
Sew the raw edges together on 3 sides (inside out if you have a good side/bad side of material) and turn it right side out.
Sew a pocket or channel across the top. This will hold a wire to squeeze over your nose.  Next sew a few pleats so that the finished piece will be about 3.5" deep.
Sew the top onto the top of your sleep mask with just a bit extending over the top. Tack the bottom corners of the mask onto the bottom corners of the sleep mask. Don't sew right across the bottom or the pleats won't open up as easily.
For the nose piece wire I used the top closure of a cookie bag which is ideal, but if you don't have that a pipe cleaner or a large paper clip straightened out could work as well. Slide your wire through the pocket.
And fold the end over the outside edge. You will be able to remove it when you want to wash the mask.
You may need to adjust the sleep mask elastics to fit the mask snuggly on your face.
And there you have it.... sleep mask to face mask. And if you still need to use it as a sleep mask just pull it up over your eyes 😀
Happy sewing!

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