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Monday, March 11, 2019

Crochet Yoga Mat Strap

Simple crochet carry strap that doubles as a yoga strap to use when holding poses. You can make it super simple with just plain crochet or you could add beads for added interest.

If you are using beads feed them onto the end of the wool in order of how you want them before starting the project. Simply slide them down the yarn while crocheting until you want to incorporate them. 

Chain 195 sts in a worsted wool. I used a 4.50mm crochet hook but this is a strap not a sweater so size isn't terribly important!

Sc row 1, ch 1 turn. Repeat this row two more times.

To make a slit sc 6 sts then ch 6. Skip 6 sts and continue to sc until 12 sts before end of row. Ch 6 sts, skip 6 sts then continue sc 6 sts. Ch 1 turn.

If you are not adding beads then repeat the first 3 rows...sc, ch 1 turn, for another 3 rows. 

If you are adding beads then at any time in the work start sliding beads into place. Slide one in front of your work, work the stitch and keep the bead in front. That's about it, space them as you like. Just keep in mind that you might not want beads in the middle when carrying the strap on your shoulder. While working the beads in remember you are working 3 sc rows.

Once the strap is complete place 1 marker at 36 sts from beginning and place a 2nd marker 20 sts from the first one.

Sc to 1st marker, then fold work horizontally and sc to connect both sides until the 2nd marker. Then just unfold and continue sc.  When you get near the other end mark 36 sts from end and 20 sts from that marker and work the same as the first end when you get to it. Fold and crochet together between the two markers, then unfold and continue sc to the end. Tie off and sew in the end of the wool.

Feed the strap through the slits on each end to form loops to hold the yoga mat. 


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