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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Giardiniera - Italian Pickled Vegetables

Here's a crunchy medley of fresh vegetables that can be whipped up in no time! Serve as an antipasto or chop it up to add to your salami and proscuitto sandwich!

2 1/2 cups bite sized cauliflower florets
1/2 yellow or orange bell pepper, cut in 1/2-3/4" cubes
1/2 red bell pepper, cut in 1/2-3/4" cubes
3 oz green beans, cut in 1-1 1/2" pieces
1 celery stalk, cut in 1/2" slices
1 medium carrot, peeled and cut in 1/4-1/2" slices
add a jalapeño if you like a bit of heat
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
3 tsps coarse salt
1 tbsp white sugar
1 1/3 cups water
1 1/3 cups white wine vinegar
First, sterilize the jars and lids. Place a piece of cutlery in each jar then pour boiling water in. The cutlery stops the glass from cracking. Set the lids in a shallow bowl. When ready to seal the jars pour boiling water in the bowl to cover the lids then remove with tongs to use.
In a saucepan add the ingredients for the brine... the coarse salt, white sugar, water and white wine vinegar. Bring just to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Press the vegetables into the jars. Mix the seasonings and divide into the jars, placing a bay leaf in each. Pour the hot pickling brine in using a funnel. Not like I tried here when some of it missed the jar!!
Place the warm lids on to seal. Cool on counter for 24 hours then refrigerate at least another 24 hours or best to wait 1 week.

You can serve it with a drizzle of olive oil.

Makes about 2 - 500ml jars

Adaped from: itsnotcomplicatedrecipes.com

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